A pre-research report can answer the following questions:
  • Can my product/service be popular in China?

  • Does it have any limitation for my product/services in China?

  • Do I have competitors in China? 

  • Case studies of successful examples.

Business in China
Market Analysis
Social media



China is considered itself a socialist market economy which means the Party's and government's policies provide guidances of China's economic development. Through analyzing the Party's and the governments' reports, meeting records or administrative orders, we will know which industries will be encouraged in the further.



Understanding the law in China not only can help you when the infringement happens, but also can lower your risks of business activities in China. 


Market Anlaysis

We can also do economic analysis, including the relevant market definition, the current situation of relevant market, the main competitors in the relevant market and their market shares, and your own SWOT analysis under the Chinese circumstances. 



Culture consideration is important when you market your products/services in China. For example, Lego defined its products as "educational toys" instead of "toys" and got a big success in China market. The culture reason behind this is that parents in China always would like to spend money on their kids' education no mater how much they earn.


Social Media

As in the West, social media is playing an important role in people's daily life. However, the most popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube couldn't be used in China. Instead of them, Webo, Wechat, Zhihu are the most popular Chinese social media channels. An Expert on Chinese social media can help you understand the relevant market and aslo make a good strategy of marketing.

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