You have to keep watching the Chinese market in order to find IP infringement in China. There are several methods combining online & offline that we can use to protect your brands.
Watching methods

Google, Baidu

Taobao, Tmall, JD

Whois inoformation

Social media monitor tools, Google Alert, Brandwatch, Redpoints, YellowBrand

Brand protection managers, product experts in your company

Professional infringement investigators outside your company

Customs will report to you when they found the counterfeit products after you registered your trademark in China.

AIC (Administration of Industry and Commerce)  will report to you if AIC found counterfeit products from raids.

Quality returns (after-sale), voluntary surrenders

CTA (China Trademark Association), QBPC (Quality Brands Protection Commitee of China)

INTA (International Trademark Association), IACC (International Anti Counterfeit Coalition), ACG (the Anti-Counterfeit Group)

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