There are several market access methods you can choose to enter into China with different cost and tax rate.
A market access report can answer the following questions:
  • Should I start an office in China?

  • What kind of office should I choose in China?

  • How much does it cost?

  • Can I get tax deduction?

Export to China

Chinese end-users buy your products/services direct from you.

Direct Export

A company buy your products and resell them to retailers or end-users in China.


You license your IPRs to a Chinese company and that company uses your IPRs to produce their own products with your IPRs and sell them.

Licensing IPRs

You sells your products/services via your websites/app or other e-commerce platform such as, and

Online Sale

Investment in China

This is an office based in China with a communication function. This office is not a legal person.

Foreign Reprentative Office

A limited liability company based in China and wholly owned by a foreign investor.

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise

A partnership between China and foreign investors.

Joint Venture

A contactual relationship between China and foreign investors. At least one party should be unlimited liability partner.

Foreign Invested Partnership

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