Brand Protection

A strong brand is valuable. Failure of protecting your brand can dedicate to the decrease in your brand's value, at the same time with a poorer reputation.

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  • China - a market with big risk of brand infringement
  • A comprehensive brand protection focus on China- help you lower the risk in global competition
Brand Infringement Situations

Counterfeit Products

Fakes or unauthorized replicas of genuine products.

Patent Infringement

Using patented invention without permission from the patent holder.

Parallel Import

Non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of IPR owners.

Copyright infringement

Using works protected by copyrights law without copyrights owners' permission.

Trademark Infringement

A violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademark without trademark owners' authorization.

Fake Domains

Fake websites that aim to impersonating the genuine websites.

Brand Protection Solutions


Protect your brands before you enter into the Chinese market.


Register your patent, trademark, appearance design patent and copyright.


Keep watching the brand infringement acts in the Chinese market.


Using different methods to catch brands infringements acts in China


Stop the infringements and obtain indemnity.


Strategies that you can use to protect your legal rights!

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